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Frequently Asked Questions

Refund Policy?

We will provide a full refund minus insurance fee if the board is notified before the 3rd scheduled class for recreational programs. All other refunds will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the board.

How do I pay for classes?

Please send an email money transfer to or drop cash or cheque in a marked envelope with your child's name and class at 1350C Highway 17 East in the mail slot located in the front door.


What should my child wear for class?


We recommend no loose fitting clothes and no socks. Hair must be tied back out of the athletes face at all times.


Are your classes insured?


We are fully insured under Gymnastics Ontario.

What are your term dates?


Our regular season runs from September to May with a break in December and March. Our summer program will be running July and August.

Are your teachers qualified?

We follow Gymnastic Ontario guidelines both for class sizes and instructor qualifications therefore depending on the level being taught dictates the level of training the coaches required.


Can we still join your classes after the term has started?


If we still have room in a class we can add a child after the session has started, fill out the registration form and you will be contacted to determine if there is room.


Can parents watch?


Parents can watch but only if they do not enter the gym area and remain in the front entrance/viewing area, we ask that you do not take flash photographs or videos during the classes as it causes a safety concern to the athletes.  If a parent is proving to be a distraction we reserve the right to restrict viewing during classes.


What is your ratio of children to coaches?


We follow Gymnastics Ontario guidelines and therefore the ratio changes depending on the age of the athletes and their skill level.

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